Friday, October 15, 2010

We have made it!!!!

I remember about a year ago thinking...this kid is going to be in highschool and still drinking his bottle.  However I am so PROUD to say we don't have bottles anymore.  Two nights ago we decided to go cold turkey.  I just told Jackson that I gave his bottles away.  I remembered a mom telling me that she did this with a baby blanket or a pacifier and it worked, so hence I had a moment of pure genius when I remembered that.  Whoever you were, THANK YOU!!! 

It must be me, but pictures are so much cuter with the sippy cup than the bottle.  I am packing them away tonight when he goes to bed.  (oh that is kidda sad to think about.  Packing them away possibly for good.  This is the first moment that having no more kiddos has really hit me.  I guess we will see. )
 Jackson, we are so happy that you decided not to be pigheaded and decided to drink your first night.  Now that you got the hang of it, you love it.  THanks for trying something new buddy.  You have been through alot and I know that your bottle was always your crutch.  Thanks for trusting us and growing up just a little bit more.  We love you buddy. 

 And of course we send a big thank you out to this crazy girl and all of Jackson's little peeps at Preschool.  with out you guys and the Lord above, for giving mama peace about dehydrating her baby boy.  This wouldn't have been possible.  THanks for the peer pressure kiddos!! 
Plus she is so stinkin' cute...who could leave her out!!!

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Kara Lynn said...

Wow, way to go little man! So proud of you. Now, me and your momma can talk about how frustrating sippy cups are and how they either leak or impossible to clean. Good times... :)