Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Random Updates:

(Apologies in advance our camera is again MIA so no pictures with this post)

We have had a busy day today.  I gotta say I think sometimes I MAKE my life busy, just so I don't have to sit and mull over all the stressors and things that could be cluttering my mind.  I have made a decision though.  My busy life is costing us way too much moola.  So I am going to make a decision that for the Month of December I am going to Hunker in.  We are going to get the projects done around the house that need to get finished and we are going to get back in the mindset of doing anything I can to save money.  I watched a lady at the grocery store the other day save 50  bucks on her grocery bill.  I want to be able to do this too.  But I need to get organized. 

I started yesterday.  I got my groceries to make a set group of meals and I only spent 75 dollars.  That even included toilet paper, paper towel and new mascara!!!  Last night was chicken chili and I saved a buttload of money rehydrating my own beans.  However after eating it I think they might have needed a little longer.  But practice makes perfect people and this is only time number one.  I am so excited to get a new recipe for black beans too.  I would love to make my own and save the money.  I am back into making my own bread too.  Love this and Jackson loves to help.  It ususally requires more clean up, ok maybe not alot more, cuz I am one of the messiest bakers you have ever seen.  It is so much fun to do it with him too, as long as Avie is sleeping. 

I am happy to report that Jackson is doing well.  We have started him on a new medicine ( not my first choice, but better than cathing him) to get his bladder to empty.  It has also been decided that we need to go ahead and prep him urology wise for his transplant.  This means we need to correct his urninary reflux.  Good thing things are moving forward, but disappointing that it is another surgery.  WE are making sure there are not any other things that can be done at the same time.  We hate to see him go under the knife too many more times.  IT is heart wrenching to see him after and after doing it 10 times I don't really care to see it many more.  So far so good he is not complaining of any pain with urination, so that is a good sign. 

on a lighter note...he still enjoys his cartoons, he is consistently sleeping through the night and is ready immediately to help fix anything around the house.  In his mind I  think he believes himself to be Handy Manny (a disney cartoon character for those of you not in the kids cartoon loop).  Avenlea and he get along for the most part and fight like pros when they want too.  It is so cute to watch him with her.  She is now bigger than he, however when she gets hurt he is the first to report it and the first to comfort her all the time.  He is one super sweet little boy.  As I said he has been surpassed by his sister.  The flu hit our house about a month ago and it hit Adrian and Jackson the hardest.  Both of them lost significant amounts of weight and haven't been able to gain it back.  Jackson dropped over a pound which is not so good in his case.  he is now at 23 lbs which he was up to 24 lbs 6 ounces. (31 and 1/2 inches) So we are attempting to get back up there, cuz they prefer him at 11 kilos for transplant.  He should gain faster now that he is in love with eating.  Well in love is only the case if it is TURKEY and GRAPES!!!  WE are working on expanding our  love of food. 

Avenlea, well she keeps us on our toes.  She is great at playing by herself, however you gotta now what she is playing with, to make sure she is safe.  She enjoys to usual little sister stuff.  She wants and destroys anything Jackson has or is working on and acts so innocent when she gets caught.  Usually starts giving hugs and kisses immediately.  She is now 23 lbs 13 1/2 ounces and 31 and a 1/2 inches tall.  She is a climber and likes to stand on top of everything.  She doesn't stand by our little play table she tries to sit on top of it to play.  Wish I could share pictures.  ARGGGG!!!  So frustrating.  She loves her kitchen and to scribble, so far just on paper and her magnadoodle. 

WE are preparing to enter Adrian's busy season right after the holidays too.  I give a big hats off to those mom's out there that deal with their hubbies being gone year round.  I dread this season and the lack of a break I get.  I no longer get to look forward to 5:30 and count the minutes til we get there.  This year I think we will be taking a long trip to MN to help use up some of the time.  I just pray the weather and Jackson's health allow us to go.  WE will see.  For now we are just looking forward to the holiday and great memories made with family and friends. 

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