Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wow it has been a while since we have updated....we have had a busy fall with Jack starting his second year of preschool.  He started at a new school this year, mainstreamed....and he is loving it!!  He loves his teacher and he has made many new friends.  Some think of him a bit like their little brothers, he has had to learn to be a bit assertive.  Which is good...he is going to have to learn to say no thank you I can do that...when everyone trys to do things for him.  We have already had a field trip, a thanksgiving dinner and met the firemen.  SO I have many pictures I have to show you soon.  Healthwise Jack has been doing Great.  WE have continued to have stable numbers and look forward to many more years of this.  We have some big decisions to make over the next year...I will share that in another blog.  We discussed it at our yearly appt with Dr Billmire backin September and I feel I have processed it enough to share...I think.  I am sure a few tears will be shed while I type...but when doesn't that happen. 

Avenlea is growing like a weed and also leaps and bounds in her personality.  Which at times has challenged us all..but it is also what we love most about her.  She is a spitfire!!  there is never a dull moment in our day and if i think I have found usually means they are in trouble or sleeping.  But really if they got along wonderfully I think I would think there was something wrong then too.  WE have decided though that the little munchkin is ready to head off to preschool.   She is going to start early this coming spring and join her brother...well sort of.  She will be in the 3 year old class and then will continue  with the same teacher next fall.  This will allow her to be in the pre k class for half a year before she would start Kindergarten at 5.  She is so bored and so jealous of her big brother...we said why not and I am sure I can find things to fill my time on those two mornings a week.  :)  I will however miss our mama/Avenlea time! 

I have been up to no good...or you could say alot of home projects, I have in the works the start to a photography bussiness...(never thought I could enjoy working so much) and then also getting crafty with the crochet needles and sewing machine for orders I am assuming for Christmas as everyone had a time limit on when things needed to get done.  House projects will have their own showcase coming up here...I have been snapping some pictures and once I get caught up with everything...I will post about them...I have had some requests on how the process works.  But there have been total room make overs to furniture redos.  So stay tune. 

well my pictures are done it is time to wrap this up and head off to bed...hope you all have a happy beginning of december and enjoy the snow that showed up just in time to welcome us into the month!! 

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