Thursday, December 01, 2011

Decking our Halls!

As I was reading through my devotional...I was remembering all our memories from the holidays.  I was reading a devotional about God always being present in our lives through the thick and the  thin....and oh how he has been in our lives.  I always think about where we have come over the last 4 years.  Quite constantly actually.  I see Jack doing things the doctors never said he would do and I immediately have a smile stretch acrossed my face.  As I am sure God does his power and might are once again shining through to our world.  THere are a few things about Christmas that make me think about how far God has brought us too.  My fav Christmas ornament was given to us as a wedding present from my Spiritual mentor at the time.  IT is Gorgeous just to hold...but absolutely Gorgeous in this how the lights are shining through.  We have given each of our kids  Christmas ornament each year decorating the tree was extra special to see them all again.  I now know why my mom started this tradition...I think it was more for her than for us.
 There have been a few times over the last six years of our family...that I have felt incredibly blessed and This picture is of things I hold most dear....even with all the projects I have done recently...all the "things" I have collected over the last few months to make my home a bit homier, the only "thing" I couldn't live my family.  They are very dear to my heart and I do all the things I do to try and make their life better. 
 This year at our women's retreat we chose a word/phrase to focus on over the new year. I had many that popped into my mind...but I chose a "clean slate"...something I believe Mary probably wanted when she found out she was going to be pregnant as a virgin in a world that looked at such a thing as impossible.  I can't imagine the ridicule that that young lady must have had to deal with in her time...and the lies people must have told....but what miracle that came out of her hardship.  There is alot that can happen over a year in life, relationships and in space...if we just allow for a clean slate. 
 I don't have near the rejection to deal with that Mary I am guessing that mine should be a bit easier....but peopel desearve forgiveness (actually God demands it for us to be forgiven) and I will be more free in my spirit if I can get rid of some of the ugliness that has come out of hurt.  this clean slate thing...also includes giving myself a clean slate for all the hurt I may have caused or the critisism that I had towards myself and my parenting.  Although it was all in trying to be better...we are going to start the year with a clean slate...for myself, my kids, my friends, and my family.  Let us see where God can take us. 
There is such beauty in allowing God to lead and we just follow where he wants to take us.  Like I said I could have picked many words...such as surrender, reliquishing control...get the similarity.  haha.
All in all the Christmas season...brings about a great anticipation of what is to come.  There is such Joy in my children's eyes as we talk about the coming of Jesus's birthday...and we deck our home with fabulous Goodwill finds and our Christmas decorations from years past.  I look forward to the meaning and memories that will come out of this we await the best Gift we have been Given....the birth of our Savior!!  What kind of decorations do you have up this year?  .link your post below if you feel like sharing...

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