Friday, June 09, 2006

Hi my name is Macy. My mom couldn't think of anything to talk about today...because she is really mad at me. We were sitting outside and my mom was reading a book, see I got a little bored and no one was paying attention to me, so I decided to try and get there attention. It all started out innocently......I dug a little hole in the backyard....ok it was my mom's flower bed it wasn't just one it was two or three.
My mom got really mad...but she filled it back in and we played in the backyard for a while and we went inside. Mom was still reading her book and still wasn't watching me so I foudn one of her new winter gloves she got on clearance at the end of the season and it was really soft and quite tasty...yum, yum....THen we got to go on this really long was so much fun.
I ran up the stairs around the dining room table, into the livingroom around the coffee table, my mom followed franticly screaming at me to drop something...i think she wanted the new glove...but I was having way too much fun to drop it. then I smelled something...I was done for she had a treat. I love how I get rewarded for dropping something that I wasn't suppose to have in the first place. Plus I got to run around the house. this life is great. THe next part though isn't so fun...
see my mom was scrapbooking in the living room and organizing some of her stuff...well she left a colored pencil on the coffee table while she was putting stuff was so intriging....i just wanted to know what it was...taste it, smell it, why not eat the whole thing...the shavings in my mom's hand was what she found on the floor...this might have went too far...the carpet i think was messed up...because my mom started yelling at me about going to the pound...what is that? I don't know but she was mad and whereever the pound is it doesn't sound like fun...she said I might die there. eeeeekkkkkkssss!!!! They gotta love me though...look I am so darn cute.


Darcy said...

Oh gosh.. he's onerey!!! When do they grow out of this stuff? Hopefully soon for YOUR SAKE!!! Yikes!

christy said...

i didn't get your message. What did you say? was it a voicemail? when was it?

hope you are well. :-)