Monday, June 26, 2006

wow it has been a while

well I guess I will just babble about our weekend, my job and stuff. I have been working at the scrapbooking store for about a month now and can I just say it is awesome. I love it. I had my own idea for a class last week we are going to see if it works out or if anyone signs up. I can't post it until the class is over sorry. Then I got a vera bradley purse on ebay for 30.00 can' t beat that. It hasn't arrived yet but it leaves a joy in coming home everyday...looking for the package. it should be here this week. Can't wait. I really wasn't a fan of them until the new patterns came out this year.. Chelsea green and java are my fav...if I can get them for thirty bucks I could have one of each. yippeee. Then this past saturday I worked at the scrap store...and we were totally dead. Bad for the store, but great for my wedding album...i am all the way up through the ceremony...on to the reception and then I have about 5 pages in the honeymoon and the I will be done. I will have reached my goal of finishing before our one month anniversary. Then Saturday night we watched Memoirs of a Geisha...great story...good movie but really long. didn't seem long though. if you want a historical is wonderful. Then sunday we went to church, went out to lunch at El Camino with Gretchen, Luke, Jen and Darin. it was wonderful. We also had a single guitar lead worship on sunday morning and it was a refreshing change. Then Sunday night we had a "guess who's coming to dinner" great fun...the funny part though is to my understanding it was suppose to be people we didn't know. But it turned out to be two girls that we went to their house last time, who we knew last time, and then a couple and their two kids. It was a lot of fun. We chatted and ate dinner. I just love hosting people at my house. I am in the process of planning a party here at our house for our friends this August. can't wait. I am planning a theme and stuff. It will be alot of fun. Just don't know all the details yet. I had planned on posting some of my wedding pages for you to see, Mom...but blogger won't let me post a picture. sorry...I will try tomorrow. I think i am done babbling for now...have a great day.

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Darcy said...

Hi!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!! okay, you get to scrap when no one's in the store? HOLY COW!!! Sign me up!! Scrap and get paid for it. Bonus. =)