Wednesday, February 13, 2008


OK I know I am a horrible scrapbooker there are no pictures and no proof.....other than my here goes...the top two reasons my hubby is superb.

1. my birthday was in January and I usually don't expect much out of him because it is Accounting busy season and he is incredibly busy...we (jackson and I) just enjoy the time we get to spend with him for these three months. I know it is aweful...but unfortunately he gave me plenty of warning before we got married so I can't complain. Not only did he take and evening off to have friends over to play the Wii...but he bought me a present. I got a Bread knife. But not just any bread knife it is part of a tupperware set that is amazing and very expensive...I am sure he got a deal...he has an in with his mom. but still he thought ahead and brought me a present.

#2. he knew he was going to be gone for V-day. SO he once again planned ahead...surprised me by telling me saturday that he had his mom and sister to watch Jackson and we had reservations at the LaSalle Grill in South bend for dinner. It was an amazing dinner...I had a wedge salad, oso bucco (an italian dish) with a glass of my fav wine.and blueberry, mango and rasberry sorbet with a glass of the world's best coffee... and I recommend all of it HIGHLY. if you can get past eating baby is delish. so much flavor...I could go on and on. It was an expensive restarant and it was an amazing surprise but the best part of the night was the time I got to spend with my husband and the conversation we got to have about normal couple stuff. SOmetimes in the midst of all of the doctor visits, calls, and scheduling...we forget that we are a normal couple almost three years married and that we are allowed to talk about something other than our son. I love you are the world's bestest hubby of all time. Happy Valentine's day.

ok I found a pic that shows him being an amazing dad. they are too cute.


Darcy said...

What a great post, Nic!!! And way to go Adrian for the night away... snaps to yoU!

That is a great picture..

christy said...

Nichole! It was so good to see you and little Jackson the other day. I really enjoyed getting time to catch up with you and Raegan enjoyed dragging Macie around the house on her leash!

I've missed reading about you and Adrian and all the goings-on in your life ... I have to be a better blogger/reader. I'm gonna try!

Love ya!!