Saturday, February 23, 2008

playtime...with very interesting things

jackson recently has been intrigued by textures. He love all of his toys and they are played with for a little while and then they go straight to the mouth.
the other thing he loves is strings on a sweatshirt...who would have ever believed how cheap toys would be for him. These were free...they come with a momma too. my favorite is when Adrian gets home from a trip and starts to go through the mail. He loves Junk mail...check it out.
like I said we play for a while and straight to the mouth..
he really was saying dad we need to furniture shop. Just kidding. I have to give him credit, he did rip out a very nice dining room table. All I am saying is the kid has good taste. HE needs to start shopping in the bathroom remodeling week the lowe's ads.


Darcy said...

Oh the mouth stage.. can't turn your eye for one second!!!

christy said...

i just love your little guy ... he's so darn cute! i like seeing pictures of him and adrian since i haven't gotten actually see them interact in person. i hope we can get together again soon! love ya!!