Saturday, March 15, 2008

Babbles..randoms and funnies(or gross which ever you think)......

1. babbles......So I am sitting is Saturday, and i think i have everything ready. My friend Erin and I are planning my friend Toby's baby shower. Her first turns 1 in like a week and the new one is due in about a month. Crazy, I know. Anyway, last night after being gone all day shopping for her gifts from everyone...i realized that I was 10 servings short on soup. if you know me you know that I always have extra everything, because I hate to run out. So I called Erin and her response was "i trust your judgement". So I went to the grocery store walked around and decided to make an addition to the soup. It turned out yummmooooo!!! totally equivilent to anything that Rachel would make herself. I am such a Rachel wannabe. I can see it own tv show. it is totally funny because, before I got married I would never cook and now I actually enjoy all of it, cooking and baking. Anyhoo, we will see when everyone tastes it if they like it. wish us luck? or say a prayer...we probably could use all the above.

2. A picture of my baby taken by the fabulous darcy
Darce says he is pointing to Jesus....I think so too. He has definitely gotten to know him well already.

3. the funny one: Adrian came home early last night, all excited to watch the Purdue game. However we have comcast, who does not carry the big ten network...another reason of many why comcast is for lack of a better word, just STUPID!!! He spent the entire first half deciding if we were going to go somewhere to watch the game, then he decided we would go after the baby was fed and asleep, so we loaded him up and we decided to go to between the is a sports bar/restaurant. (Don't worry we didn't take our baby to the bar, although I did try last week to take him to the spring...I wanted wings and i was denied.) back on track we saw them loose...sorry babe...but the funny part was jackson puked all over himself and me, then when adrian went to take him from me he lifted him accrossed the table and the puke dripped off his leg in little droplets all the way accrossed the table. eeeewwwww....right? the best thing about between the buns though is that they have paper towel rolls right at your table. so we used them to clean it up with some wipes and at the end of the table there was this huge pile of paper towels and wipes and you know what else....and the waitress never asked about it. in this whole feasco noone noticed a thing. I was fine...i just took off my sweatshirt and thank goodness it was almost 60 degrees yesterday so I didn't freeze on the way to the car in my t-shirt.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Laura said...

Hee hee! So funny about the puke-across-the-table incident! And I'd totally tune in to your cooking show.

Sweet picture too!