Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've been tagged

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1. I am a daughter of a farmer, I once had to help my dad in a grain bin where a rat lived...i know gross and absolutely terrifying.

2. I have a dream of singing on broadway, in a musical preferrably. On my honeymoon I busted into a tune..but that doesn't count I wasn't on the stage.

3. I have a problem sleeping if I don't fall asleep on the couch first. I sleep much better if I sleep on the couch for three hours at least then my husband wakes me up to go to bed.

4. I didn't get married until I was 27 1/2 years old. But when I did I found the best guy in the world.

5. I am from Minnesota and now I find myself stuck in Indiana, due to my husbands job.

6. look, i just made vikings colors....i am a VIKINGS FAN. I know they are not that good...but we have the worlds greatest running back ever. I love football. I do get a little sick of it when it is one all the time, but I get into it alot more since I have been introduced to fantasy football. it make every game a little more interesting. I wish it would go back to just being on SUNDAYS....I can't do 4 days of football.

7. I am addicted to HGTV...I can watch it all day and all night. I have about 12 different shows I watch and then I want to paint or decorate something immediately. I have all these Ideas and no money to accomplish them. No worries though I have started a book and there are about 5 ideas for every room in my house.

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Darcy said...

Ooo. I'm addicted to HGTV too!!!!

I was tagged by Erin S. last week.. guess I should do this!!!

Laura said...

Did not know some of these things about you! So is Indiana more boring than Minnesota? I'd kinda imagine so.

Just completed the tag mission, by the way...:)