Saturday, March 01, 2008

Welcome home dada.....happy March

I can't believe it is already MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!eeeeeeeeekkkkkk....where has the year gone. Between Dr visits, feeding tubes, becoming a medication magician, bottle feeding, physical therapy, trying to feed solid foods, remembering to be a wife to my husband, having brain farts, and reidentifying that I have friends out there in the real world beyond the walls of my home....7 months have past. That is just crazy but I guess so is my life.

We got a little camera crazy the past few days we have been home alone without dada and so we had to keep him up to date with photos while he was gone. I am sure though in the morning he will say...."I think he has gotten bigger". I am so happy that Adrian will now be in town for the rest of the "busy season" known to the rest of the world as "tax time". Here we go.......I hope you enjoy!
Happy MARCH...enjoy the weekend and the warm 40 degree weather.

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