Tuesday, May 13, 2008

EYES On the Road when driving, dude.

ok so we headed to RILEY last friday and we got some good and some bad news. We found out that there isn't a chance for reoccurance if we have another child...Praise the LORD. however as you can see in the pics we had many stops on our way home...Jackson got fussy I think about every 1/2 hour. It made for a fun trip home let me tell you.
the odd (ironic) part was he was happy the minute he was out of his carseat...i think he just has dad wrapped around his little finger. but oh well...it only took us and hour to get through Kokomo. Earlier this week we *Adrian and I* got the chance for a date night...JW called us with extra tickets to the WHite SOx TWIns game. it was awesome just to get out and have fun even though the TWINKIES lost. oh well. it was a very quick game.. good thing too because we still got home at 1:30 in the morning and Jackson woke up at 4:30. God was good though he let me sleep as a mother's day gift on Saturday.

For an update on Jackson, we are back in the hospital due to not gaining weight. WE have gotten some interesting news, not good. but we are waiting until tomorrow for a test to confirm our suspicions before we explain it all. they are looking at the speed at which things move through him. they are suspecting that his intestines are not working as fast as they need to to process his food. we will wait, pray and see what we find.

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