Thursday, May 01, 2008

it is sooo nice to have a happy baby

it is so nice to have a happy baby and it is so amazing how the littlest things amuse him. like daddy making funny faces or the look of his own face in the mirror. it is so funny to me that he doesn't know he is looking at himself. thought i would share this with all of you today...

enjoy our happy baby:



Laura said...

Shoot! My computer says I don't have the right plug in to watch this, and since I'm techno-challenged, I'll have to wait and ask Mark to help me fix that situation. I'm sure this is super cute!!

Linz said...

Hey lady! I'm doing blogging now so I added your link on my page:) And i can finally add comments since i'm a member now! Its ...I love reading up on sir jackson too:)

rev said...

OMG Nichole, that is sooooo cute! love his little cute laugh. how precious. so good to see all things are well!!

o, and about rubens jeans, it's simply from Hennes & Mauritz (H&M?) i believe you have them in the statest too??