Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prison Area Don't pick up hitchhikers

So Everytime we go down to Indy we pass this sign by Grissom Air Force Base that says Prison area do not pick up hitchhikers. SO they warn you but in the same mile there are three gas stations and a car dealership. What are they thinking? here is the proof:

so are we setting our prison escapee's up to be successful or were we just not thinking when we placed our bussinesses so close? What do you all think?

I gotta say I have always vowed never to stop at any of these gas stations and the othere week when we were headed down to Riley, it wasn't even Jackson that made me stop, I had to go to the bathroom so bad and there was no way I could even hold it 20 more minutes to get to Kokomo. isn't it sad that I could tell you how many rest stops, bathrooms, gas stations and minutes it would take you from one to the other almost the whole way to Indy. I gotta tell you I can't wait until Jackson turns three and all of our trips are down to once a year. Won't that be the day.
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Laura said...

Ha! I always notice that sign when we drive south too...although I've never put it together with the gas stations and car dealerships. Good point! :)