Sunday, July 27, 2008

Momma's weekend AWAY!!!

So last week I got a call from my friend Anne from Fort Wayne...

"hi, I was calling to see if you needed a weekend away?", anne

"why what were you thinking?", nichole

"Alex and the kids are going to be gone and I am going to be home alone...i was thinking farmer's market and horse back riding and catching up. "- anne

"I am in, let me talk to Adrian and I will call you back."- Nichole

let's just say Friday at about 5 pm I was headed to fort wayne. Arrived about 7 pm. To the most delicious dinner ever. Grilled pizza dough pita style with cheese, corn, peppers and onions in side the dough then grilled on the grill...oooooohhhhh. then stuffed with grilled portebella's and chicken, tomatoes and a sour cream sauce. Can I say YUMMMMOOOOO!!!! it was delicious. we hung out on a beautiful night, looked at her amazing day lillies, and landscaping as you guys know... i am on a landscaping kick lately. SO I am interested in seeing everyones. we watched a movie and went to bed.

on saturday we woke up at 6 am, I know, I know.,...not a good thing to not sleep in with out a baby, but there were farmer's markets to make it too..we took in two and can I say one was amazing. the Bar Street Market...I would call it a food and craft market.

I got this.................

Isn't it is from the lizzy anne clothing company out of Fort Wayne. you are all in luck..She has an etsy shop and she makes purses and clothes. the little girl clothes were so was a good thing that I have a boy and she doesn't. her etsy shop is
she is such a sweet lady too. and amazing talent. check her out.

We also got delish bread for lunch. mmmmmm...

then we went to this day lily place. I thought there were maybe like three colors of day lilys, yellow, gold and an orangish color...cuz that is pretty much what you see everywhere. this lady had at least an acre..full of day lily gardens and I have never seen so many color combos. and she sold them for 5 dollars a peice and guaruntees them. She was amazing lady that gets her happies from cross breading day lilies...she was so funny. and I got this amazing flower.

so now I have three in the front of our house and like six in the back...I just have know Idea what colors they are...since i got them from an amazing family the TOTH's...who were brace yourself....destroying a flower garden.. I know sad...but just think what the newly created landscaping will look like here at the Schrock's . I can't wait to see what will bloom in the next two years.

Back to my weekend.... later for dinner we went to a local place and had dinner with Anne's mom and then enjoyed the evening relaxing. I gotta tell you I was so excited to sleep in I was excited to go to bed.

Sunday morning:
I gotta say my BLADDER had other ideas, other than sleeping. I had to pee sooo bad at 7 am I had to get out of bed, walk down stairs and go to the by then I had walked past the coffee pot and I was awake. so I was up for the day. we read the newspaper...Anne did, I looked at the ads. then decided to ride horses. they have two and a new baby horse. well its been wheened. but it is still cute, or so I thought she was. then she decided I was a horse and tried to nip my shoulder. gotta say I was shaking and freaked out. Being trampled by a horse is not the way I would like to go. So after anne saved me, I got up the nerve to brush, then hop on and I rode. it was fun....scary....and out of control, for me not the horse....all at the same time. But it was cool too. Thanks Honey...I had fun. (honey's the horse, you never know if she might be reading the blog). Then we cleaned up, at some lunch, picked zuchinni out of the garden, some onions, and then headed over to Anne's mom's to get some green beans and then I headed home about 3 pm to find this:

isn't he cute. he over the last week has crawling and pushing up to his arms and feet...with his cute little butt in the air. He also pulls up on your fingers to stand. it is so much more adventure in the Schrock household. Our baby is almost is crazy. I had a fun weekend, but I missed my boys and I was happy to see them both. Have a great week eveyone.


The Lantz Clan said...

What a fun weekend! That is awesome!

Linz said...

Ha ha! You busted me out Nichole! Yeah we totally ignored the signs and HAD to get one on the Allis too:) Too great of a photo opp...gotta do what u gotta do! :)

Laura said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Yay!!

nichole said...

oh, i am LOVING that purse! i must check her etsy out!
and jackson is such a cutie pie! love those photos up there!

Darcy said...

what a great weekend away. i am so glad you got the opportunity!