Friday, July 04, 2008

update on Jackson

Update on Jackson We went in for his procedure at 6 am. His surgery was scheduled for 7:30am. We handed him off after many vitals, talking to docs and paperwork.

We went up to wait in the surgery waiting area, ate some breakfast, drank some coffee and by 8 am we had received the call that the doctor needed to talk to us. So we went back down to the day surgery area and spoke with the doctor. he informed us that the closed reduction did not work and this is not something that you want to force. It can cause more damage. He answered some of our questions about what happens next, is there any restrictions until the surgery and how do I go about scheduling. Then we went back to wait to be called into recovery. By 10 am after a very crabby baby went to sleep, we were discharged. Gotta say Jackson spent most of the day sleeping. He was awake for about 5 hours total out of 24 hours and when he was awake he was quite uncomfortable. HE wanted to move and couldn't. However this morning he woke up his normal self. We took a bath in the kitchen sink...see pictures and took a nap. Now it is play time with Uncle Conrad.

yesterday we went over and saw my cousins new baby. who by the way is absolutely adorable. Gotta say our children like the dark hair when they are born. He was so sweet and they are all adjusting well to the ups and downs (up all night) of parenthood.

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Laura said...

What a sweet sleepy boy! I was sorry to hear that the closed reduction was a no-go. Many prayers as the next steps are determined!dh

Darcy said...

This is gunna work out.. it's just not what God had planned for right now. You get a happy summer baby, right? And no casts for his 1st b-day.

ANd LOVE the new header! Did you digi scrap that? I am IMPRESSED!