Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We are not harboring ET...

Don't worry we are not harboring ET, we have not started a space program, we are not under quarantine. I promise. Although it really looks like it....
don't worry we are not under quarantine. We are remodeling are dining room, i say remodeling
because it is more than just slapping up a coat of paint. Three years ago, we stripped wallpaper off the walls and one wall had some major damage. So we spackled it and didn't smooth it out, because it looked kinda cool with the color wash. Well with the solid color it didn't look so good, so we decided to knock down most of the ridges and started by hand sanding, not so much fun. SO that brings me to my gift. Adrian bought me a power sander. (I didn't get a picture sorry) see i told you it wasn't the typical thing to get excited about. Although I really enjoyed all of your guesses. (especially you Dena). WE took turns on Sunday afternoon and then last nightAdrian finished it. I washed the walls today and we are set for priming when Jackson takes a nap today. So much for this being a quick paint job right.
The plastic above is to harness the powder that flies off the walls when you sand and let me tell you, tape doesn't hold it up. so we had to use nails, but it saved the rest of the house from looking grey like Adrian does below.
my hubby ROCKS!! HE did most of the work and was covered with dust. I will love it however it comes out, because of all the work that went into it. Stay tuned for the next pics of the finished project. Our hope is to get it done before we leave but I am thinking that it will just be primed and then the paint will happen when we get home or one coat will be up. I feel like we are living in a construction site, and this was not the plan when we went to the store last friday night. IT was going to be a weekend project. ooopppppsss!!!!!!!!!!

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Darcy said...

I've missed a lot on your blog! I just got all caught up. =)

You need to posta picture of the ktichen when you are done. =)