Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy anniversary to US.....thank you Adrian

three years ago today I was hooping it up at our reception with family and friends celebrating the biggest commitment I had made in my life. Giving up my independence and joining with my husband Adrian. This year has taught me so much about my relationship, my faith and my commitment to my hubby. This year has reassured me that I made the best choice I possibly could have. When times have been tough, he has been my shoulder to lean on; when I haven't had the words; he knew exactly what I was thinking; when I just needed someone to cry out to GOd for me he did; and When I didn't have the heart to ask the tough question, he was right there holding my hand asking for me. God new we would compliment each other when he brought us together.

I remember during the sermon at our wedding three years ago, Myron spoke of the road ahead of us and the ups and downs we would have and used a YOYO as his special gift. I don't think he truely knew how prophetic his words were going to be or maybe I didn't. But our last year has proved that his words were truly inspired. As if we needed proof, :) He reminded us to keep God in the center and to put our faith in Him and we could make it through all the ups and downs. That YOYO has gotten alot of work going up and down in our last year, but God has only strengthened us through it all. I am sure we have ALOT more ups and downs to come in the future, but I know that with my Husband by my side and God in control we can make it through anything.(You know our life has been changed when I have no pictures of the two of us from the last year saved on my computer. OOOPPPSS.)

Thank you Adrian for an amazing year and all the support and encouragment you have been to me. When I don't have enough faith, energy, sleep, *anything* you have it for me and for that I am grateful.

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The Lantz Clan said...

COngrats! What a sweet post....