Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scrappin Again......

I have bene on a scrapbooking hiatus for the past four months, however, thanks to Darcy organizing a crop a week ago, i have totally been on a roll. So I thought I would take the time and catch you up on Jackson's first year. Check it out:

the first three are from the crop at Darcy's. it was so much fun to see others work and see the different styles. It was also nice to meet others that share the love of this great hobby.

I love this one: this is totally not a normal baby book page, but when Jackson started to roll he would search under our couches daily. there was no hiding anything from him under there, from flip flops to power cords he would find them and then try to chew on them. not the safest or the cleanest thing.
Next I tried my hand at sewing on a page. not bad, as Darcy reminded me in Home Ec, they first taught us to sew with paper. Don't get ahead of yourself this was not accident free, I did break the needle...I am not an amatuer, but definitely not a professional, when it comes to sewing. Something I would like to start up again. There is so much you can do that can be so individualized if you sew.
I then had to go home, it was already 11:15 pm. I was going to be exhausted for a very big day the next day. But yesterday I pull out all the stuff again and it helped that Jackson decided to take not only one, but two 3 hour naps. It was great til last night when he wanted to be awake at 2 am. are the pages I finished yesterday.

I love these pictures on the park bench and love how this page turned out as well. first time using the gaffer tape, and I have been dying to use red, black and white and finally I found red paper without flowers. boys can't have flowers!!! :)

then 11 months was an odd page. I like how it came out but i am not elated. the picture is so cute that I wish the page was cuter. oh well.

At least I am two pages away from being done with the every month pages and then I have alot of firsts and a few Jackson only fact pages; like how many miles he as traveled in one year and how many hours he as spent in a hospital. We also traveled through the flooded areas of Iowa on our latest trip to MN and I want to document that that was big news this year. So I need to do a in the year you were born page. There are a few more to do, I got a steal on Thickers today when I went to HObby Lobby they were 50% off of 2.99. I can't believe I got them for 1.50. that is NUTS. So I am sure I will whip out the stuff this weekend to.

I need some prayers too, our garage sale is not selling much and that is the money I am going to use at the resale next weekend. So please pray that we have more attendance tomorrow. For anyone who needs baby stuff boy or girl go check it out it is on State Road 15, don't look at the road construction signs, it is before you get there.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend, enjoy the extra day before all schools begin.


Jewel said...

Nichole---I absolutely love your 10 mo. pg.! Red, black, & white together are my favorite color combination! And I love the curly arrow pointing to Jackson. I just love that page! I didn't know when your yard sale was going to be or else I would've tried to get to it! But I already have plans to go to my parents house today! And Sat. is Ben's & mine Work Day! Darn!

nichole said...

LOVE them!
with a cutie subject like Jackson, you can't go wrong! :)
I think they're all great & I am so happy you're scrappin' again! :) have a great weekend & I plan on emailing you soon!

darcy said...

YEAH for your scrap sabatical being over! So glad you've been on a roll AND that you are showing us. =) Such fun pages. =)

And needles are cheap. =) You can come over and use my sewing machine whenever!!