Monday, January 26, 2009

Check out my little chubbers

so we have been asking for prayer for months now for Jackson to gain weight. Trust me we are not finished asking yet, but we have made great head way in the last two months. I have to admit....he is getting heavy. I know I know, you all have heavier kids but when he gains it so quickly...there is no more carrying him around the mall.

We have a confession to make. I need to go back to 6th grade math and relearn my conversion charts. Jackson's formula calls for a cup or two different formulas, but the top to the container I use doesn't allow me to just dump a cup in. So since March I have been using a tablespoon. A quiz for all of you out there that think I am many tablespoons are in a cup? well lets just say we were a totally of 8 short. When you are trying to increase the calories in formula this is not good. it doesn't quite get you to where you need to be.

so to make a long story short....two months ago we figured it out. Although we are still vomiting a couple times a day, we have gained from 15lbs 5oz. to 17lbs 11 oz in a brief two months. As I have seen this weight gain, it makes me want to kick myself...we could be to twenty lbs already...but I have grace thank goodness. We will get there still at this rate.

The double chin is crackin us all up though, he has no neck anymore...we need some height to go with our poundage. So we can spread things out a little. he is still stinkin' cute...

especially ridin his little car. He can't get on it yet by himself...but when he wants to ride...he pushes it over and then pats the seat....and looks up with the most adorable smile...he has me wrapped around his little finger...that is for sure..
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Linz said...

Ok I haven't seen your little man for a few weeks now and man I can definitely see a difference! So glad the weight is comin on good:) He looks SO big now, and still so handsome!