Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We are a MOVIN'

We are a movin and shakin. It hasn't taken long since the cast came off for Jackson to be back to his old tricks. He was pullin up before we knew it and then cruisin. Crawling backwards to get away from his cousins in MN and now he is walking behind his walking toy. Who would have guessed.
we headed out to Indy on Monday night. We had appointments on Tuesday morning we wanted to get there with out having to leave at the crack of dawn. We met with Dr Lubicky first. Jackson's hip looked great and he was very impressed with his progress. After we talked about him being out of the country the week I wanted Jackson's surgery to be, we decided that waiting til March would be a good idea. That way we can go on Walks and be outside instead of trapped inside with nothing to do. plus Daddy will be in town in march and will be able to be there. After this we got the disappointing news that we were not having our Urology appointment that day they had changed the appointment without telling me. Isn't that kind of glad I didn't drive all the way down for that appointment. It turned out well, we got out of town before the bad weather and home early.. after this we were off to renal to get weighed...the dreaded weigh in. We measured him and he was still 27 inches. Then I stripped him down for the scale. He was so happy to get to sit in it like a boat. Mom's jaw dropped when the scale read 17lbs 4 ounces. I am still a bit skeptical, but scales don't lie. He puked that morning too.. I think this means someone's scale is a bit off. or my child gained almost a pound in two weeks while puking 4 times a day. Not likely. But the nutritionalist was very pleased with his weight gain and said that she saw no reason for a Gtube at this time. She finally agreed with Adrian and I. if we put more in the only number we are going to increase in the number of Pukes we have in a day not the number of lbs we are gaining. I was pleased. Disappointing news was that there is no other renal formula out there that is hypoallergenic to help us possibly with the reflux. I recently had read an article about a study done on Children with severe reflux that decreasing the milk input showed a direct correlation to decrease in reflux. We were excited, but now our excitement has been squelched. Oh well there are always more ideas, we just need to find them. For now, Jackson impresses people with his puke bowl holding skills, they think it is sad and impressive that he holds the sides of his bowl when he pukes...I think it is just sad.

Enjoy the video and have a great day in our Winter wonderland.


Diana Willis said...

Hi Nicole,

I am so happy for the lil man - he makes me smile with his big loving smile - what a joy and I am thankful that he has your and your husband for parents - what a blessing you both are and an inspiration to so many! I have missed seeing you and to talking to you and am so glad I saw you post on blogging tonight. Now I have you and will come on a regular basis! Happy new year in 2009, this year is going to be so awesome for all of you. btw, how are you?????? Hugs and love, Diana

Jewel said...

Great news! We have that same walker! And the basketball hoop that's in the background in the upper right hand corner!

Corrie said...

I love the grunts that he gives and the way that he keeps looking over at you as if to say, "check out how hard this is!".