Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jackson's hip surgery and Heart Scare.

Ok, so last night didn't go so hot. Jackson has a fever and his heart rate started to spike. He was in the 200's. The nurse had no luck calming him down and we were called in at 4 am after they called the cardiac emergency team. Both Adrian and I were more interested in his renal labs in reference to his heart than we were about the things they were. Then we found out the poor boy hadn't eaten since 10 pm...due to him throwing up his food. So we fed him a bottle and moma held him, and all was good in the calm sector. As for the HR it has taken most of today to get that under 200. So we are going to stay the night with him tonight to help monitor him and his feedings and so on.

the other thing is his pain with this surgery has been higher than in previous. He has needed more narcotics, which in turn means that his intestinal tract is working even slower than it normally does. I have to ask one more time to pray for poop. We need him to pass gas and poop to get him less bloated and more comfortable.

for now they are keeping us overnight and we will discuss discharge in the morning based on how the night goes. Dr Lubicky was quite concerned about his night and it takes alot to get him concerned. So we took it to heart and agreed to stay over night. Not worth getting all the way home and having to drive back to Indy.

Dr Lubicky did however confirm that the CT scan looked good surgery wise and he is in good shape as far as the hip. It is in the right place and should do well in the healing process.

thank you everyone for your prayers and messages. they definitely help get through the day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi ! This is Gretchen I meet you standing in the rain waiting to get in at the sign up for the Children's Resale. Thanks to you you had an extra coat. I just stumbled across your blog. First off congrads on having a girl. Second you and your family are in my prayer. I know I do not know you that well but please if there is anything I can do let me know or you just want to chat I can listen.