Wednesday, March 25, 2009

we headed out last week to the library for story time. Jackson was quite the ham. we propped him up in the chair and while Toby was taking pictures..he kept signing up. This boy, wants to be carried all the time. *he is too heavy for this* then he started reading his book and playing peek a boo. Two of his favorite things at 19 months.
he loves reading them to you too. he was babbling while flipping pages the other day and I tried to get it on video and he wasn't having it. he would stop intantly. This is the only pic I have out of 15 of him not cheesing the camera. I wanted a pic of him reading.
I gotta say I could be in a worse state...He could not love books...but he does. We had a great visit with my parents and sad thing...we were so distracted by little boy in cast...I didn't take any pictures...I will have to get some from my mom's camera. It was so nice having there help during the day to entertain. Jackson is a lot more frustrated this time around. But if you play with him it seems to turn around. last time he entertained himself alot. Cartoons have been our friend in the morning. Giving me time for things like this, and email. Then after a hour or so we have to do something different. Like right now. So that is it for now...

don't forget the children's resale this weekend....225 sellers...a top notch sale that is well worth everything you do to get in. I am excited this year to help volunteer. But for less than a 100 dollars I can dress my child in style for the entire summer...a definite help in this economy. plus with baby number two on the way we will get a chance to find some things we are in need of for her as well. I can't wait. check out the website...resale. There is everything from toys, strollers, swings, monitors, clothes, books and anything else you can think of when you think baby or kids. See you all there. Saturday March 28th: 8am to noon !!!

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