Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jackson's Recovery

Hi everyone. We are getting into a routine around here. I am not sure if my memory is failing me or if this time around it is harder than the first time. We have been dodging, cleaning and catching puke for about 36 hours. However long it has been since we left the hospital. Don't get too worried. This is normal. See without poop we are constipated, which in turn means we can't hold anything we eat down. It is a wicked cycle. Hungry all the time is what it turns out to mean CRABBY. Between pain and hunger who blames the little guy. Oh yeah that brings me to the other difference. HOLY HEAVY. I swear the cast adds 5 lbs, literally, this is no tv thing.the above picture should have been our first sign that things were going to be different this time around. Usually he has no clue what is coming next when we check in at surgery waiting. But this time he definitely knew what was coming next.
Check out this look of timidness. This gown confused everyone. Dr Lubicky said all the nurses kept calling him a girl. All thanks to a surgical gown. We should have sent him back there with his jacket...come on people...he has male parts.

All and all the recovery is going well. We are all just very tired. We got poop yesterday and this morning, so I believe we are on our way to being able to eat. Last night, when daddy got home they played. Dad got giggles and smiles. So good to hear. I think the sound of your childs giggles or voice is the best especially after surgery or a time when they haven't been themselves. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I was a little more concerned this time, so I didn't get as many pics as normal. Thank you all for your continued recovery prayers and of course prayers for poop.

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