Monday, May 11, 2009

having a blast

Jackson's therapist brought us this table last week. It is amazing. just the right height for the little man, (which by the way, is nearly impossible to find). Mom is so happy to have an upright position to put him in.
we stack blocks and knock them over, we did some scribbling, we have even tried a little food at this table. Here he is below...checking out a dumb, dumb sucker.. notice we play with it a little more than it goes in our mouth...but at least we are curious. right?
He loves the new bubble blowing dog that Cathy brought too. it is easy to make go too, so Jackson can do it himself. which is spectacular. On mother's day afternoon, Jackson was sitting at his table with the little key board you can see in the backround. Boppin back and forth in his seat playing the keyboard. It was the cutest thing ever. (bad mom...didn't have the camera or get a video) Then later that night he proceeded to stand up from his bench and try to walk along the table. The boy remembers...and is so frustrated that his lil' body won't cooperate. it won't be long....and we will be chasin him around.


Jewel said...

We just bought Braylon that same doggie bubble blower! But ours is brown & white. I love it becuz Braylon can do it himself. And he loves it!

Kara Lynn said...

Love seeing him sit on his own! What a sweet little man. He seems to love music so much, maybe he'll be a rock star someday... he'll be lead guitar, Delaney will be lead singer... they'll be billionaires and will be supporting their loving parents in our retirement...brilliant...