Monday, May 18, 2009

Nesting is in full swing

I am experiencing new things this time around. Nesting is one of them. I have never wanted or needed my house to be so picked up, organized, and clean. Macy's hair is bothering me beyond all comprehension so I vaccum like daily. I have sorted out junk in every room of the house (only to collect it in the basement), rearranged furniture in most, and repainted a few. (Adrian surprised me with picking stuff out on mother's day. He did a good job we both like the colors.) Our master bedroom actually got pictures hung and rearranged. It is strange to see the dining room with pictures too. It took me four years to get things on the walls that i am happy with. I also never thought we would ever reach the point of being done with the upstairs and ready to move to the basement. We would like to create a family room and toy room down there. plus the kids bedrooms will eventually be down there. right now we have some heating issues. So we have to check into new doors and carpet to make those rooms functional. For now the kids will share the nursery...which we rearranged and set up another crib in. Thank you King family for letting us borrow the crib.
I am actually feeling prepared this time around for the baby. In ways I didn't with Jackson being on bedrest for the last 5 weeks. But in other ways I am feeling really nervous and anxious about how everything will work when our little girl arrives. Jackson is making huge head way in the world of moving around, but I don't see him walking anytime soon.

I so can't imagine...trying to carry a 24 lb little boy and a car carrier with a baby. I guess they may balance things out. but wow, how do mom's do it that have babies 9 month a part? We are praying Jackson continues to improve in his gross motor skills over the next seven weeks. We see the doctor next week and we will then start Physical therapy again.

On to more nesting...this time outside.
We have gotten out to do a few things outside too.. We planted flowers in our baskets on the deck, and have an amazing pot on the front porch...the question is can I keep them alive. Our landscaping from last summer is weeded and looking great. I can't believe, but am so excited that everything we transplanted from our friends backyard last year has come up and is looking great. Even some of my late plants in the front are coming back. So we are trying to keep up outside too...but the rain is not helping us stay on top of our grass. Last week I think Adrian mowed like three times. and then we needed to mow almost twice yesterday to get it cut low enough.
Jackson experienced the grass again this past friday. It was the one day it wasn't raining, so I thought we would go outside. He didn't like it at first, then it was ok...but he didn't move. he was frozen in one place on hands and knees...yelling Ha daddy to everyone that past by. didn't matter if on foot, in car or on a bike. the minute they said hi back he was all bashful. Too cute I tell you. Well I should rap this up...I am sure there will be more nesting the next seven weeks. If I had my way, the entry would be stripped of wall paper, the basement would be painted, new floors would be put in, unfortunately you need money for all of this and time. When you get the time there is usually no money and when you have the money you don't have the time. So I will settle for the things we can do and continue to dream about the rest.

Til next time. Enjoy your week and the sunshine today.


Andrew and Denise said...

How funny, I just posted a nesting post too!
Now I am reading yours!

Gretchen Morningstar said...

the house looks great! jake and i need to venture out and visit the schrock house soon.

Linz said...

LOVE the nursery! Polka dots are SO cool! Your house is really comin' along girl! And hope you're feeling good! I know whatcha mean with carting around 2! Something to remember...the newborns in a car seat feel So light compared to lugging a toddler! So hopefully you'll balance out:) It's a system too...u will figure out what works best!