Thursday, May 07, 2009

update on the schrock household.....

jackson is movin and shakin again. He is working on bending his legs and then he will even go up on them like he is going to crawl and then he goes back to army crawling...but oh well...he'll get there. This morning i heard him coming down the hall as I was getting dressed in the bed room. it sounded like thump, thump swoosh. Kinda horor movieish...but I knew exactly what it was. He beats his arms so hard into the floor to move... needless to say none of this keeps him out of mischeif. He is into everything already...I just have a little more time to get to him, before he gets there. He still loves the dogs water and food dishes...what is it about these things.

in the past weekend we *adrian and I * accomplished the big task of painting our bedroom. It had to be repainted do to the door we closed in from our bedroom to the bathroom. I know i know. you all have the advice that we shouldn't have done that...but just wait til you visit someday and I will explain where the door went...and you won't ask anymore questions. It was rediculous. Anyway...I let my hubby help pic the decor this time and he went for pale blues with our already brown comforter. I wanted him to have a relaxing space in our house...suited for him. now I just have to keep it clean and picked up...that is his biggest thing that helps him relax. Gotta say at the beginning...neither of us was a big fan of the color we chose for the walls. Wanted a light nuetral color. (this way I can change the color scheme easily if I want to in a couple of years) but I am telling you there are so many types of nuetral...brown neutrals, yellow tinted nuetrals, green tinted neutrals. and you never know for sure what the light in your house is going to do. So we decided to hang all the curtains before we made a rash decision, cuz after a full day and a half of painting, neither of us wanted to do it we were camping on the living room floor on our matress while the work was being done and Adrian was done picking up the matress every morning to put it back in the hallway. I gotta say it was fun for like a night...but getting up to get jackson and go to the bathroom was not so easy 30 weeks prego. the time we hung the curtains and put the furniture back in the room, it doesn't look bad. Not exactly the look I was going for but we will deal. it is calming. Still have to add the decor and then we will show you pictures. maybe....or maybe you will have to come see it in person.

baby number two is doing well. we had an appointment on Monday. HR is around 140. Way lower than Jackson's was. but the doctor says still healthy and normal. So we will go with it. Got some information on VBAC's. I was all about it until I had a dream tonight about me having a ruptured uterus in the middle of labor. Talk about scary. I am sure it is just my mind playing tricks on me. but we will see. Adrian and I have to way our options. I would definitely love the shorter recovery time, with a toddler and a newborn needing care. If anyone has advice please let me know.

I think that is it for now. Have a great weekend.

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