Monday, December 07, 2009


So 6 month visit went well.
For new news: we found out that Avenlea has a growth on her head. I thought it was just a mole, but Adrian has said that it has been bigger some days than others, so we decided to ask about it today. The doc says that it is a .............i can't spell it, say it or pronounce it. So it will continue growing until she is about the age of one and then should start to disappear or fall off. He said hers is in a good place it won't get in the way of breathing or sight which some of them do. Could get in the way once we have to come her hair, but for now we are ok. He said we will monitor it, but for now it is fine.

She weighed in at 17 lbs 10 ounces and is 26 1/4 inches long. So much for being a preemie...she is in the 75th percentile on the big girl chart in both categories. WOWSA!!! I am not use to hearing these numbers. Way to GO GIRL!! They are also very pleased that her head has caught up too. she is average now. Avenlea is growing well and he said everything else is on track we just need to work on some more tummy time. She is loving sitting with a boppy but falls over quick and she hasn't rolled over since her tummy sleeping at two months. So we need to get her moving. Last time we had her on her tummy though she said forget the rolling, pushed her knees under her and I thought she was going to say bye mom and take off. I am happy I have a little more time before this happens.

Update on Jackson....

he got his flu booster today. It was quick he pulled down his pants got the shot and pulled them back up, with some help. But he was a trooper, very few tears and he even gave his sister kisses and told her she would be ok. I am not sure if I should be proud of him or if this should make me cry. HE has been through so much shots are minor too him.

We head to Riley tonight. We have appointments at 8 am tomorrow, blood work and some x-rays. We also see Dr Lubicky, our Ortho doc for the last time. He is moving south to take a position as the head of ortho surgery somewhere down there. We will be sad to see him go and we are incredibly thankful to him for what he has done so far. We have the joy of seeing him walk today, because of his talent in combo with the determination of our little man.

We are going to stop in and see the Younghans' while we are down there. We have been praying for Barrett that he gets well. Barrett was in my youth group when I first moved out here. He was like 12 then, and he is now 17 and was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, an enlargening of the heart. Please pray for his quick recovery and peace for their family in all the decisions that have to be made in the hospital.

That is the update around here. have a happy monday.

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Shannon said...

I love to hear all the good news :) I still can't get over how big Jackson is now!!!