Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 09 X4

ok.  So this year we started Christmas the weekend before with Christmas at the Schrocks.  we had a glimpse into life with three kiddos.  This year our time was spent eating, entertaining kids, eating some more and sleeping whenever we can.  It was a drastic difference from years past when we spent time doing puzzles and playing games.  I think it is only the beginning.  next year we will have three getting into everything. 

we then got home and spent the evening doing Christmas with the kids.  Each of them got to open there present or should we say Jackson opened there presents.  Avenlea got her first Baby Doll and Jackson got his train set.  Have to say I think Jackson likes there two gifts equally.  We then took the Christmas tree down and put away the decorations.  Don't worry we really aren't scrooges.  We just had plans to leave town.  We were headed to MN on wednesday and this was the last chance I had to have help.  plus we had therapy and packing to do the rest of the week.

My mom called Monday and weather was not looking promising for our trip to MN.  She basically said we shouldn't come.  I decided to wait and call on Wednesday morning.  However the outlook was still BAD!!  my dad said don't come.  Adrian decided if we got on the road by 10 we would be ok.  So we headed out.  We had great travels, good kiddos, and then we hit MN.  My older brother made it through white out conditions the next day, but we MISSED My younger brother greatly.  We will have to see him next time we are in MN.  Hopefully in february

to give you an idea of the amount of snow, here are some pics of the kids outside.  there was a good foot almost two everywhere. 

 we had hopes of a snow man but it was so crusted with ice, there was no moving it. we did find out one thing, that is Jackson is not a fan of being bundled up..We had a great time with my immediate family and we opened gifts from Grandma.  Jackson got an Allis Chalmers D45 tractor the same tractor that Grandpa drives in his tractor pulls.  One of these days we will be home in the summer and he will get to ride on the real thing.  but till then this is what he will have.

He Loves it.  Avenlea got another babydoll and some adorable outfits from Nana and Papa
(see the sweater below).  We got an updated picture of the grandkids and Nana and Papa.  it is amazing how often we have to do this with little ones.  They are all growing up too fast. 

we all headed north to the twin cities for our fourth celebration with the Christensen Clan.  My mom side on Saturday.  It was great to see everyone.  this was the first time for Avenlea to meet everyone and even the first for some to meet Jackson.  My cousin Jason has been serving as a pilot and said this is the first year in 7 he has been home for all of Christmas.  It was great to see him and have him there.  We did miss those that couldn't make it too.  These days we take who we can get.  Thanks Judy for hosting. 

the greatest Christmas present this year (after the birth of Christ off course) is seeing all these people and having a great time and coming home with two healthy kids.  God is good!! 

Happy New Year everyone!!!  not sure where the last one went, hope all is as great in the next decade of  2010. 


darcy said...

where is your post???

The Lantzes said...

so it totally sounds like ou are preggs talking about 3 kiddos getting into stuff next year...haha you may want to edit that:)