Saturday, April 24, 2010

Avenlea's Got Skills!!!

I am so pumped that i found the video uploader again.  How cool is it that I find it just before this happens and I can share it with you all.  Avenlea has been pulling up on things for quite a while as I shared in the last post.  However she has been really wobbley.  So we have had lots of bruises, big red welts, smashed fingers, pokes in the eyes, tears and all the other things that go along with learning to do new things.

we also have been very curious about everything and we are exploring it all by putting it in our mouth.  I have been so careful inside about vaccuming and picking up little things that Jackson leaves on the floor.  (WE are so not use to this stage.  I know i have said that alot, but this one we NEVER experienced with Jackson)  Yesterday we were outside, (I have AWESOME FRIENDS that have given us more plants for our landscaping) and planting some new plants.  Sides NOTE:  can't wait to see all the lilies and see what colors we have.  I am sure I will have to do some rearranging, cuz I still have burgundy ones to plant too.  ANYHOO!  Back to the real story....I left her alone for a second to walk around the corner and find this...

I removed the twig and she just went right back to it.  I moved her away from the landscaping about seven times before Adrian arrived home to hold her.  I am happy to say that she has no texture aversion...she loves getting dirty and the girl likes her fiber.  We laughed really hard when we got inside and she had a poopy diaper within an hour.  I am sure the two were not related, but still very funny.

Jackson is recovering very well, kids are so darn resilent!!!  this was the day after surgery.
He slept alot, which was good for mom and for him.  I was going to vaccum and he wanted to help, but I convinced him to hold his vaccum and watch me instead.  He was so tired, he fell asleep in a matter of minutes. He was so cute.
 we have had alot of moments like these...followed by oooohhhh!!! mommy hurts!!  we expected this...but we have also gotten alot of moments like these...

who could ask for anything more.  All in all he has had a great recovery and we have all survived really well.  Thanks to our friends that helped with distraction and the many prayers that have been said.  I am not sure we could have made it with out all of it.  THANKS A BUNCH!!!  We have GREAT FRIENDS!!!

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Rhoda Wickey said...

What was his surgery on this time? I wasn't aware he was having surgery until it was posted on facebook. Hope his recovery continues to go well.