Wednesday, May 05, 2010

30 day Gratitude Challenge

I have found myself sulking lately.  Letting everything that could bring me down.  So I decided to take a 30 day challenge.  My friend Stace gave me a website this morning called "Revive our Hearts".  This is exactly what I needed to do.  I decided to take her 30-day Gratitude Challenge.  So today I have spent my day thinking of all the ways I am blessed and I need to give a few shout outs to those who have blessed me and thought I would share with you all the ways I have found that I am blessed today.

1.  I have two beautiful children.  Even though they are a handful "most" of the time....they are a huge blessing to my life and a challenge.  I am blessed to have them both in good health at the present time and I owe all that to God.  He has protected our family and our home from all sorts of illness and destruction that could have brought us much pain and for that we thank him today. 

2.  I have a wonderful home that we live in.  WE live in a beautiful neighborhood with wonderful neighbors, who watch out for us.  When we are gone they help us out.  This winter we came home from Riley to a plowed driveway after a big snow storm. Our home...this year and the past couple of years we have done some major overhauling on our landscaping.  WE have had great people....Erin and Andy, and Colleen, and Sarah that have given us free perennials to help us complete our project.  This year we were able to fill stage two and three with plants and so far all we have paid for is dirt and mulch...(I think I have found a place I can get these for free this year too.  If it pans out I will share.)   Although I have a list a mile long of renovations and refurbishing that I would like to do.  WE are blessed and grateful for the home we live in and the people that have helped us make it safe for our children and for us over the past year with our mold removal and bathroom renovation.  IT is beyond words how grateful we are too all of you that donated your time and money to help us out.  *it is also beyond words in beauty* .

3.  My husband:  I have the worlds most patient and supportive husband.  I am not easy to get along with...I am stubborn, hard headed and when I think something should be done I want it done and my oh my don't even think of doing it your own way...I usually have that figured out for you as well.  ON the other hand there are times when I want things done and I don't have a plan and then there is no part of me that will ever want to make a decision.  Now put yourself in my husband shoes....the one who never knows which one it is, yet I expect him to read my mind and figure it out....and get the job done all at the same time. makes for great entertainment if you are a fly on our walls that is for sure.  Regardless of my behavior, my husband and I have taken on many tasks together and separate and have manage to actually get things accomplished in our home.  WE will see how the summer goes with my big ol' to do list and our lack of expertise in any area....I am sure we will get it done.  Along the way we always learn about each other and how we work and I think that is the blessing that God gives us.  WE have come along way in our 5 years of marriage...been through some tough times, some challenging times and some GREAT times...and through it all we have become stronger for it.  SO I Thank my husband and God for the wonderful marriage I have.  

4.  he is also a super dad!!!  he is much better at playing than I.  HE cherishes his time with his children and goes the extra mile all the time.  He loves playing outside, walking and wrestling with them whenever he can.  Even when he is tired from a long day at the office.  I could go on...but God thank you for blessing me with a husband that is great with his children.

5.  I was once again reminded that my blessings are not mearly things as much as experiences.  Last night...Adrian and I got to experience Avenlea's first steps together.  It is not often when one parent works that these milestones happen in the presence of both parents.  I am awestruck at times watching my children as they learn something new.  They are so persistent.  Where does this go when we become quickly we give up on things as an adult.  God has blessed me more and more through the experiences I have had.  I love when He gives me the opportunity to share these lessens and experiences with others, so it makes the way easier for them.

6.  Friendship:  I have some Phenomenal friends...most of whom it doesn't matter how often we see each other..we can pick up right where we left off.  WE hit the great and the ugly in our conversations...I have many friends struggling with infertility right now, I have many without jobs, struggling to make ends meet, friends who have amazing transitions happening in there lives: new jobs, new homes, new additions. All of these things you experience with them.  You loose something with your friends and hurt for them in times of loss and struggle as much and sometimes more than you celebrate with them in times of excitement and celebration.  TO all of this i am grateful the good and the bad.  For I have God to praise in the good times and God to look to for support, peace and strength in the ugly times.

8.  Jack's health:  This one gets a BIG OLD WOMPEN "PRAISE JESUS"!!!  if anyone questioned the modern day miracle...I have a story to tell them.  No One believes me these days when I tell them Jackson is sick.  Cuz he is a beacon of God's light.  He has been more of a testimony to Gods work in the brief two years of his life than I have been in my 32.  He is my little BIG miracle!!!

9.  I started my day today....with a cheery voice babbling from the other room, birds singing outside my window and a kiss from my husband.  I had my morning devotion while Avenlea played on the floor...IT is a blessing that I have all of these.  There are millions of people out there that aren't allowed to freely express there love for there Savior, many that don't have the joys of little voices waking them up at all hours of the night and I am sure there are some that don't get to enjoy the nature around them the simple beauties of God's creation.

10.  Family:  I don't say this enough but we are totally blessed to have the support we do from our families.  I spent time on the phone with my mom today, hashing out my frustrations with the school system and preschool.  (So frustrating,....but this is a positive post and I am only being grateful).  I am so grateful to have my mom to chat with about these things.  Someday we will live close enough to each other again to meet for the occasional lunch date.  We are also grateful and most likely indebted to Adrian's family for all the free babysitting help we get...sometimes on very last minute notice.  (ok...most of the time).

God is good to us...we have a ton to be Grateful for.  We are blessed beyond measure.  I have a better attitude today, since I have put my focus on the good.  I have been more patient with my children and I have accomplished a ton while I have been at it.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.  Gotta go my daughter is walking across the living room... time to find the camera. 


Jewel said...

What an excellent post, Nichole! Thanx for sharing!

stacy said...

this is wonderful Nic. I will most def be praying and I look forward to hearing more. May the LORD continue to supply all your needs IN Christ Jesus (phil 4).

Laura said...

This is great, Nichole! Inspiring.

revlie said...

wow Nichole, you've said it so good! i'm proud of you to get yourself out of the cranky mood like this, we all should be thankful for our lives! thanks for reminding!!

The Lantzes said...

I love thispost also!

jenjen said...

Ni Nichole!

You won the "Granny's Attic" scrapbook kit from Bad Girls Vintage Art on Tatertots and Jello!

Send me your address and I will have Wendy from Bad Girls get your kit in the mail.



Kara Lynn said...

Wow Nic...this is perfect. Something I needed to read today - thank you. You have inspired me, I am going to try my "grateful" list and see where it takes me. Love you lots, miss you tons... see you soon.