Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Well I realized I have a bunch of posts that i have partially written and never posted.  Oh well...maybe they will be come important again...WE have to do a May wrap-up do to my lack of blogging this month.  So here goes. 
the beginning of May we started out with a rainy and cold weekend...but we began working our garden this weekend.  Due to starting it from scratch, we had to get compost and other things to spice up the soil.  SO far so good.  We also had our first night out to dinner with the kiddos.  Gotta say this isn't so enjoyable.  Adrian and I got to say one sentence to each other the entire time we were there.  I guess you could say it was father son time and mother daughter time.  However i think we decided the take-out route is the way to go.  (No pictures of this we were simply too busy).

the next week we had Jackson's preschool evaluation.  We met with the schools speech therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist and his teacher.  IT was great to meet the people he will be working with over the next year.  By sending him to the PACE program, he will get to focus on his therapies at the same time as going to school.  This way we will have a better Idea of what he will need to be successful in school.  This was an agonizing decision.  Tears were shed and lots of discussions were had over what we believed to be the least restrictive environment.  I do know from my time working with the Goshen schools that things can be adjusted at all times.  So we will keep our eyes on what is going on and keep in contact with the teacher, to see where we go as the school year progresses.  It is strange to think that I will now be scheduling things around my kiddo going to school.  CRAZY!!  as if we weren't busy enough.  ;)
the weekend of the 15th we planted our garden.  We planted seeds for everything in short rows.  We have a very different looking garden, but those of you that know my hubby, know it was very planned out and researched.  It was nice to finally have a plan and start planting.  WE planted zucchini, cucumbers, yellow squash and two types of peas....all trellised.  THen we planted four rows of beans, onions, beets, carrots, radishes, lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes and peppers.  We are watching it grow with great anticipation.  WE are also learning things about bugs and all sorts of bird predators along the way.  Hoping and praying we will have some results after all of out hard work.  Time will tell. 

Then the 21st and 22nd we participated in our communities garage sales.  We had some bigger things we wanted to get rid of in order to have space to redo the kids rooms and the basement.  We have a very long to do list for the summer, however we are being patient and trying to accomplish everything on a budget.  Which I say it is successful....we got rid of junk and made money.  that too me = success. 

Then this past weekend we took a trip to Illinois.  We went to see Adrian's grandma.  WE had alot of fun.  Jackson walked for the first time last year at her house, so he had come along way since she had last seen him.  Avenlea was two months old when she was last she was night and day different.  It was fun to watch them interact with her and explore the new terrain.  WE helped her with some things around the house.  She even gave me a huge plastic bag full of thread for my sewing projects.  I couldn't thank her enough.  Some of these threads I don't think I will ever have to buy again.  They are ginormous and much better quality than I would be able to afford.  Can't wait to have time to sit down and use them.  Our trip was a bit of a challenge.  Avenlea was still facing backwards and so everytime we were driving away from the sun it was directed straight into her eyes.  So she screamed the entire time.  So we decided it was time to switch her around thinking that she was 20 lbs and only four days away from being one.   We never had any issue with Jackson, however Avenlea was so tired by the time we left she just wouldn't give up.  She cried for an hour and a half of our trip home.  Since however we have been doing great.  She loves being able to interact with Jackson and with mommy while we are moving.  WE will have to see if this continues on our trip to MN in a couple weeks. 
We really did have a good time.....looking forward to the next visit. 
this brings us to today.  we are finalizing our plans for Avenlea's birthday and prepping for our trip to Riley on friday.  hope you all had a fun month of May.

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