Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happy Birthday my sweetie Avenlea

OH my to think last year at this time I was hanging out in triage at the hospital.  I had been leaking fluid all day with no contraction and feeling embarrassed like I had pee'd my pants....continuously.  Especially when the doctor sent me home saying that it wasn't fluid that I was leaking.  It wasn't too hard to figure out that I must have been peeing my pants, right? 

 Well I had a previously scheduled doctor's appointment that I awoke for the next morning and the leakage continued.  I went through two outfits and four heavy duty pads just getting ready that morning.  Either something was very wrong or I was loosing my mind.  ok...even more than you normally do while prego.  Within minutes of meeting with Dr Weaver....I was being scheduled to be admitted.  Sure enough I wasn't loosing my mind, instead we were going to be having a baby.  WE didn't even have a car seat to bring her home in.  Seriously people we had 6 weeks left!!!  Plenty of time for normal people, but not for the Schrock's.  The nurse was at the house watching Jackson, so we sent strangers to her, Ashley and Erin, to our house with their kiddos to distract Jackson and we began the waiting process.  If only I wouldn't have drank that glass of OJ that morning, you would have been born at around 10am...but oh no...we had to wait til the afternoon.  Good thing too.  If any of this would have been an emergency, things would have gotten life changing for this mama.  God had a plan that once again I didn't understand, but I trusted.  Our sweet baby girl was born 2:59.  Weighing in at 4 lbs 11oz and measuring 17 inches long.  She had a little trouble learning to eat.  But she was breathing great and had all necessary organs and orifices.  She was beautiful and healthy.

 We were shocked at how quickly she caught on to breathing, eating and holding up her temp.  She spent exactly 14 days in the NICU.  Even though we were not happy to be back here, we can't tell you how much better it was to be local and around friends and family.  Recovery was so much smoother and it was a heavenly to recover in my own bed. 

 it was enjoyable to watch her grow and develop.  I won't lie, it took a lot to get used to two.  Everything was much more complicated, especially when Jackson wasn't walking or even standing on his own.  I know see why all of you wait until they are developmentally two years apart.  However now I wouldn't change it.  they are so adorable to watch play together. 

 at about 8 months....the above picture we started to see personality and it has never stopped.  She is such a ham.  WE get looks like the below one, even when she is being disciplined.  *for those of you that thought I got a way easy with the first one behavior wise, watch out Avenlea is going to give us a run for our money*

 I am pretty sure we wouldn't change her.  Her personality is what makes her so special to us.  you may have to remind me of this when she is in her teenage rebellion.  She began walking about a month ago.  She is still pretty unsteady at times...but she easily is able to follow her brother around the house, to his dismay at times.  She even decided one day that she could tackle the stairs.  It isn't on odd occasion to see her standing on something in a second.  She is much quicker than Jackson was and is very quickly catching up to his physical development.  HOwever it is fun to watch him step in up a notch when she shows she can do what he can do.  In this case a little sibling rivalry is a good thing. 

 WE have made it to one.  The other day we went in for Avenlea's wicked cough...found out she had a sinus infection...didn't know lil' ones could get these.  However....for those of us, yes I am including myself, that thought she was slimming out...Sorry folks...she is 22 lbs 12 ounces and 30 inches tall.  (Jackson 24 lbs 2 ounces and 31 and a 1/4 inches tall)  We are still in the 75 percentile for both height and weight.  She still has her rolls and wheres them well.  She is jibbering and jabbering.  Occasionally, we hear words that sound like something we have said but no distinct or identifiable words yet, however we know she has alot to say.  She is still sporting just the two teeth and is developing a curly mullet, (thank you Grandma Gloria for the curl).  

We are so delighted to watch our baby girl grow.  She is a delight more often than a terror and come on...with that face she is a delight even as a terror.  Hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane.  Happy Birthday Avenlea Gayle. 

We love you!!!


Laura said...

Nichole, she is such a beautiful little girl! Wow. Happy Birthday, Miss Avenlea!

Jewel said...

Happy Birthday, Avenlea! Thanx for the trip down memory lane.

christy said...

I enjoyed taking the trip :)