Thursday, August 05, 2010

ok...after starting probably 5 posts and never finishing them.  I am actually going to right a new one to update on our summer.  We have been busy busy busy.  WE started of June with Avenlea's bday party!!!  had a lot of fun and I can say Life is very busy with a three year old and a one year old in my house.  Jackson and avenlea are kinda learning to do some stuff at the same time.  She is talking up a storm and climbing on everything.  The good thing (or bad depending on how you see it) is she doesn't seem to be upset when she falls.  She is quite the character.  Or Bulldozer as we like to call her.  She knows what she wants and will be very persistent at getting it.  I know I know...she gets that honestly too. 

I can't believe my baby boy is turning three in a few days....he is up to know good.  Typical three year old stuff.  THinking mom and dad know nothing and that NO should be his response to everything.  WE have accomplished graduating from first steps, climbing stairs and in two weeks we start preschool.  HE talks a big talk about being excited for going to school.  WE will see on the 18th what really happens.  he is looking and acting more grow up everyday, even though he hasn't changed his size of clothes in a year or more.  I guess that is cheaper...or you start to get sick of all your everyday pictures being in the same clothes.  we did a little test to see how tall he would be when he is 18....he is 31 inches now...anybody want to take a guess? 

Our summer was going so well, we had survived 5 weddings, a break out of the HIVES On the fourth of July and we had decided it was time to get a few projects done.  That is when our air conditioner decided to mal function...well not really the air as much as the drain decided to clog.  Needless to say we had water in our basement right after we moved the family room downstairs.  WE were totally blessed in this minor catastrophe.  nothing but our carpet was ruined and our insurance covers it.  So we are in a whirlwind trying to get the other projects finished before we lay new carpet.  I think I have talked to 6 different heating and cooling people in the last week and three plumbers.  The sad part is the one plumber that has done a bunch of investigating can't seem to find our problem.  That is never a cheap fix.  So all in all we are going to get some new carpet and get a very cozy family room out of the deal.  plus a lot of projects that have been put on the back burner for a long time are now getting done very quickly. 

Then tomorrow I get to celebrate 5 years with my best friend.  5 very full years and some could say difficult, yet I would say we love each other more than ever and we are both better people for what we have been through.  I could imagine spending my life with anyone else!!!  Happy Anniversary Babe!!

Stay tune for progression pics and final pics of the kids kitchen too.  Turned out super cute.....:)

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