Monday, September 13, 2010

 So as I look back I see that we started this kitchen in July.  OH was built in a day, but the painting became difficult with the heat.  Then the dreaded Basement flooded and we had to move the thing back to the garage with everything else that we here it is.  In a few stages.  Jackson and Avenlea loved it at Jack's party last night!!!  I am sure this might be the best 85 dollars we ever spent.  This will get used for years by both of our children. 

 certain parts were a little tricky....the oven door has a chance to be dangerous.. but it has proved quite sturdy.  As there have been many children standing on it. 

 many hours were spent to get it to look like this.  i have such a handy hubby.  I have always wanted the Pottery Barn kitchen for my kids...but I refuse to have a pink kitchen first and then second...seriously spending that much money is ridiculous (sorry if I am offending anyone who has purchased it for there kids).  But ours was just as cute and it cost us less than 100 dollars for everything. 
As you can see he loves it.  Can't wait to get our felt food from Mariah...but I am supporting her business by letting her use it for display at her craft bazaar in October.  Can't wait to get to play with it all.  I went through so many ideas of how to create or build our own kitchen and I am super happy that we made this one.  It turned out (in Jackson's words); perfect mama, my kitchen perfect!!!


Jewel said...

All along I was thinking you were remodeling your kitchen!

Cute kitchen! Way to go, guys!

Doesn't it feel great when you know you got something for cheaper! :)eberse

Anonymous said...

It turned out awesome! Miss you guys, Colleen

Anonymous said...

It turned out awesome! Miss you guys, Colleen

Laura said...

WOW! I heard about the kitchen project from Diann, but it's so fun to see the finished project! Amazing. Now you just need to go into business making those! :)

The Lantzes said...

Nic that is awesome!!!!!