Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good morning!!!  I can finally say this...we have had two nights of our children sleeping a floor away from us.  Let me say it is good to finally get some good sleep.  For the most part uninterrupted.  Wow it has been a few years since I had two nights in a row.  I am sure it won't last...but we are enjoying it while it does. 

Three years ago on Friday September 7th, 2007, we got to finally bring our baby home from the hospital.  After almost a month in the NICU, four hours away from home and family and friends, we were able to start our life with our baby boy.  Who has continued to brighten our lives and keep us on our toes ever since.  Can't wait to celebrate his birthday tonight with our friends and some of our family.  He has been so patient since we had to cancel his party in August due to his high fever and then our house falling apart.  He woke up this morning and said mama  I awake and my party today.  Super cute.  Hope we are able to get a nap today with him so excited for his Handy Manny party. 

Update on the Basement:  We have carpet, the kids rooms are set up, playroom set up, a chair to sit on (the couches are still awaiting recovering haven't had time), so we are moving along.  We even had our first spill and our first dings on the walls.  That didn't take long right?  Touched up and dried up and we are moving along.  That is why we went with the stain guard pad right?  I will have pictures soon.  Spent yesterday at the hardware store and good thing we did.  I got 7 fabric baskets for my craft storage for 26 dollars...quite the steal for the size.  Regular price they would have been close 60 dollars.  So happy with that.  Big Shout out to Diann for helping me organize it all.  It is so nice to have everything have its own place.  We are gaining so much storage that we didn't have before.  I have loved using things in new places too.  IT has been so much fun and I am super excited to show you all how it turned out.  Just a few minor adjustments to be made before we show you.  My favorite is how we got lined curtain panels for our one big window downstairs for 8.50 a panel...and then adjusted them to work for what we wanted.  They turned out great.  Pictures soon I promise. 

Thank you to all our friends and family for there help and support as we went through this process.  Without the encouragement from afar, the physical help and the massive amounts of questions answered and advice, this all would have been difficult.  So Big hugs and Thanks to everyone. 

We are ready to kick back and party tonight with Jackson!!!  It is long overdue for all of us. 

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