Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ok...I'm a little OCD about my Christmas Cards

I have always loved all the different cards I receive in the mail over the holiday season, but I have to be honest, my favorite are the photo card.  Before I had kids I always spent time deciding weather to include the dog in the family photo, use an old snap shot, or take a new picture. Now that I have kids I make sure I have a decent picture on the kids that I can upload soon before Christmas and I spend all kinds of needless time deciding on weather the colors of my picture go well with the color of the card.  I know I am completely OCD, when it comes to matching my pictures.  just ask the girls I scrap with, they get a good laugh every couple of months.  However since it would bother me everywhere I saw our card, I take the time.  Over the last 5 years I have ordered my cards every year from Shutterfly.  Sure there are other places out there that offer deals, but I have never been disappointed in the quality or the timing of my order through Shutterfly and in my opinion they have the best options.   Link here to their photo cards
Here are some of my favorites: 

 who doesn't love the subway art card....

for more options you can follow this link.

not only have I at the last minute been able to get my Christmas cards on time...but I also struggle at times for gifts for Grandparents and other significant people in my children's lives.   what better thing to give them than a Photo book:  recapping the kiddos lives for the past year or a calendar for the next year with all the important dates already written in.

personalized calendars to

 Photo books as well. 
they even recently have added my favorite section.  the home decor section.  if you are like me you are always looking for great ways to add a new flavor to the pictures you hang on you walls.  They have wall canvases. Which are fabulous and totally on sale right now.  HEad over and check them out.  You don't want to miss this sale...cuz most of the time they are on the spendy end.  home decor: .
I am sure you will all have no problem finding all your holiday gifts.  At least enjoy browsing. I know I am pumped about this years selection...I just have to find the right picture to match the right card...and of course write a little update on the Schrock clan.  Happy Shopping Everyone!!!

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