Thursday, December 02, 2010

Happy 18 months Sweet Avenlea!!

 Happy 18 months Baby Girl!!!!  Wow how time does fly.  This saturday marks Avenlea's 18 month birthday.  She is such a different kid that Jackson.  I can't even tell you.  IF I had one word to describe her:  SPUNKY.  There is never a dull moment in our lives since she entered the our world.  I love every minute of it.  Even on the rough days I can usually find some funny moments in our day. 

 She is very curious about everything.  She loves to explore and has to do everything herself.  ON her own without any help.  Her funniest thing to do by herself is walk up the steps.  It is so funny.  Most of the time she tries to take the steps like an adult alternating her steps with each foot.  if we are not bracing her from behind she would fall straight backwards.  She would be a great model for a V8 commercial.  Her feet get so far ahead of the rest of her.  Anyway the independence is great and a struggle at the same time.  LIke I said she loves to explore.  This also means their has been about a hundred percent increase in the mischief and discipline around here too. 

 We have started with time outs and they are surprisingly going really well.  as long as you don't get too far away from her.  This was actually quite funny.  These are all the typical things that I have seen other kids do but they are new to this house. 
I gotta say this is cute.  most of the things she does are cute...just don't tell her.  My friend Laura said to me today that she is too cute to be a trouble maker...that is exactly what is going to keep her in the trouble maker world.  Everyone is going to let her get away with it, because she is cute.  So far this mama is immune for now. 

She is jibberjabbing as well.  THere are some words , more, ma, dada, grandma even came out today.  But the funniest part is the jibberjabbering actually sounds like a conversation.  The intonations go up and down and she waits for me to reply.  Sometimes I try, but to be honest...most of the time I have no idea what she is trying to tell me.  She also can tell you what a couple different animals say.  My favs are the puppy and the lion.  When it comes to toys.  She is still into carrying everything around, but for the most part her favorite toy is whatever her brother is trying to play with or her kitchen.  She loves slamming the doors and dumping all the dishes out on the floor.  (she does very well helping to clean up too).  They are so cute when they sit and read books and play together.  it is moments like these that make me happy they are close in age. 

She is taller than Jackson now and weighs a bit more too, however she is still in her 12-24 month clothing range.  She just seems to be getting taller and thinner.  She is cutting two molars which has caused some drastic changes in eating habits.  So much so that they did some blood work on her last month to make sure everything was ok.  she was drinking over 64 ounces of milk, juice and water and pretty much not eating anything through out the day.  But we are happy to report all is well. She has started to eat things again and still drinks on the high side...but we have made the move to a little additional water...which doesn't taste as good so she doesn't drink as much. 

She has started hiding and she usually has her pants filled when she comes back out, so we have started working a little on potty training.  THe other day we found her banging on the bathroom door and then a diaper filled with poop.  I think she might have been trying to tell us something.  This mama is in a new world so we will see how this goes.  the ease of no public restrooms is going to soon be in our past.  SCARY!!! 

I hope you all enjoy the holiday's!!!  hopefully we find my camera soon so we can share ours with you. 

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