Tuesday, April 01, 2008

5 NOT so amusing musings from the hospital

Here goes:

1. Every time they say Jackson has to have a blood draw...I cringe around here, actually to tell you the truth anywhere, because NO ONE ( Let me repeat NO ONE!!!) can find his little veins. It is excruciating as a parent to sit an watch you baby look at you with those baby eyes, that just scream help me and not be able to do anything.

2. So every now and then when we are in the hospital it feels as though I get a break. Especially at Riley because the nurses know what they are doing. Unfortunately here at Elkhart there is so much they don't know, or at least don't commonly deal with, that I haven't really felt like I have gotten any kind of a break. I feel more like a nuisance.

3. Yesterday Adrian brought me a sandwich I was so pumped because he had gotten me the same exact sub the night before and then when he brought it to me I opened it to find out they had used different Chicken..those darn subway people spoiled the brightest part of my day. Sad I know that getting lunch from Subway was the brightest part of my day.

4. back to the blood draw. the other excruciating part is that every time they come to do it, they send a new member of the blind mice squad. that is what I like to call them. They feel, Jab and then move it around as my baby screams at the top of his lungs. There has only been twice out of lets say 7 times I think that they have gotten on the first stick. He looks like a human pin cushion.

5. We are waiting for a a new kidney scan and this morning the lady came in at 6:45 and woke me up to tell me that she was going to inject a small amount of Radioactivity into my child. I wanted my response to be "don't you think he has enough problems that you could avoid making him radioactive" but instead it came out like this "what do you want to that for". I think i jumped about 3 feet when she woke me up, she looked more startled then I felt.

Well that is all i have for today. Random not so amusing musings from the hospital. I am sure I will have more stories to tell in the near future. I either just can't remember them or they are soon to happen through out today. Have a great one.

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Laura said...

Oh dear. None of that sounds fun at all...