Friday, April 25, 2008

we are home!!!

we are home and life is looking good so far. we have managed to hold down 18 ounces of food a day only 6 shy of what the doc's want. so we will work our way up. but we have had some spit up that we would expect with a kid with reflux. the waterfall's of puke are gone. yipppeee.

he still is getting use to the poop on his but so we get really fussy when he has a poopy diaper, but other than that he is incredibly happy and laughs. right now would not be one of those moments. hehe:):)

we are headed to the hospital here in Elkhart today to have blood draw. we are doing it to follow up. wish us luck

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Laura said...

HOORAY on all counts!! (Less puke, more poop!) I'm so glad to hear that you're home and happy. Prayers that the blood draw goes well too!