Monday, September 01, 2008

Jackson is a celebrity.

Well this morning I was all excited for people to read about little Jackson in the Elkhart Truth. After a miserable night of sleeping with my little one, between my husband and I in bed *queen sized* I headed to the local Martin's for a dozen eggs *i won't tell you how much they were :( * and a few copies of the article. So I walked in to the store and to my Shock the front page said :
"Help save his life" with a little pic of Jackson next to it. I am telling you, there was a reason for my skepticism about a newspaper article. Seriously, we want people to come to the benefit, but it isn't going to save his life. I am so sorry to all of you that are mislead by this article. We are hoping for a correction because on a smaller note they misspelled his name too. but we will see. Our neighbor already congratulated Jackson on his celebrity status. So he didn't take it the wrong way. I know that God can use anything for the good and I hope he does in this situation. It is a wonderful story, she did a great job with the few words she was given. if you want to check it out it is here.

More scrapping. I am telling you when I put my mind to it and set a deadline...i am a well oiled machine. Enjoy the latest work.... The first is from July when we were in Indy over the fourth. Jackson found his feet and wouldn't leave them alone. this is one I have been trying to work on since like last september. I like how it turned out. Different. Sometimes I get into a rut when i do all these at the same time. Food play is part of our therapy with Cathy...we make a mess or should I say Jackson and Cathy make a mess, while mom gets the sink ready for a bath at the end.
I was thinking the other day and then a friend brought it to my attention just how much of an impact Jackson has had on our community. God has done so much through him in just one short year. It gives me chills to see what He has in his future. He is our Little Prince....
As I was talking to a group of friends last sunday at church I was reminded about how blessed we have been that Jackson is so content. It makes it alot easier to know when something is really wrong to not have him fussy at the tiniest little thing. THis boy crys only when something is seriously wrong.
Before we knew, actually we barely had time to get use to Jackson Crawling...and he was on his feet standing at everything...and with that came falls, falls and more falls. On every surface and hitting his head numerous times. He must have a really hard head or a really high pain tolerance (ok, so we all know he has a high pain tolerance...come on the kid gets tylenol as a pain killer after surgery.) because he never cries.

this is a horrible photo of the page...sorry. I am sad that our long weekend is almost over...but we have a busy week ahead...visits from lots of people. Cannan, Clark and Melodi are coming tomorrow, then Brice and Sarah on Wednesday and thursday and then Sunday we have Alex and Anne. to think we also have our normal first steps therapy too...we are going to be wiped out come next weekend. I am sure we will have update...enjoy your week. :)


Jewel said...

We don't get the paper so I was all eager to read the article. And I clicked on your link but couldn't open up the article! See ya in 2 wks. at MOTTTs!

The Lantz Clan said...

I doubt I am going to be able to come on Friday. WE have had a busy week and I have drug him all around. I really do mean it though when I say I will go with you. When is the next one?

darcy said...

What a cute picture of you guys! And I'll be at the benefit.. I need to contact Cori and donate a photo shoot!!!

And cutie-patotie pages. =) And were those some 8.5x11's I spy!!!??? LOVE THEM!