Friday, February 06, 2009

Sharing the spotlight!

thought it was about time someone else got the spot light around here. So I am going to tell you about the little one in my tummy. For know we will call him/her, Baby S. We had out 18 week appointment yesterday and things are going quite well. But it hasn't been that way the whole time. Come on, is anyone surprised that we can't go through a nondramatic pregnancy. We are glad so far that there are no permanent signs with the babies health. To start with I have had nausea as some call it, others call it morning sickness, I however have decided to title it the all day pukes. So far I have had some relief since 16 weeks. But before that I was throwing up up to 8 times a day and it was daily. Sounds like fun. I looked forward everyday to that miraculous day they all, the doctors, like to call the beginning of your second trimester. When I got there, I had no real big change other than the puking is now, by week 17, been cut back to middle of the night and twice every other day. WHOOOHOO!!!

On January 1st, the day you can't see a doctor, we had a bleeding scare. The doctor on call assured me that I didn't need to do anything dramatic unless it continued to be heavy all day. We were lucky that it did not persist and we went in for a normal ultrasound the next day to find the little one, swimming around like a trooper. The diagnosed a sub choriotic hemmorhage. Whatever that is. According to the doctor they are more common than most know about. So she sent us home with confidence. Good thing too because I had signs of bleeding all the way through January. the last week of the month I had another gush and it was all over. NO MORE BLEEDING. Praise the Lord. It was one stressful month, constantly wondering what was going on.

Due to the puking, I haven't been able to hold down any of the essentials; nutrition, prenatals, so much for my pledge that I was going to do everything right this time around. I decided this is God's way of getting rid of any guilt that still remains that anything with Jackson was my fault. Now I am pleading with God that I got the point and he can rid me of the puking that still persists. Oh, well I did tell the nurses that I didn't care what I had, I just wanted a healthy baby. They inform me that puking means your hormones are high and usually means good health too. I guess I am just getting what I asked for.

In a month we will find out what we are having. We had enough excitement last the birth, we believe it is fun to have a little excitement as we go through the pregnacy as well. Can't save it all for the end. Right?

Let see what you think it is?

here are some helpful hints and wives tales:

I am sleeping like an infant, waking up every three hours. Horrendous!! Also I am having scary dreams about my family dying. Scary not crazy. Still no energy even in the second trimester...but I am blaming the lack of nutrition and lack of sleep.

horrible reflux same as Jackson

I am carrying high or at least that is where they have found the baby

HR was 180 and now has consistently been at 160 for two months

I have the pukes, didn't with Jackson

I am having acne issues...gotta love that!! didn't have any with Jackson

I am craving Cheeseburgers...actually any food that will stay down

there you go....all you baby predictors out there....what am I going to have?


Anonymous said...

I really have no idea, but I will say a girl. Mainly because we need some more girls at 8:08. I will also say it is a girl because you have the pukes and acne. She (if it is a girl) is stealing your good looks! :) Can't wait to find out what he/she is! Emily Riegsecker

Jewel said...

I'm just gonna take a wild guess & say GIRL!

Darinifer said...

TWINS! the other has just been hiding.

Kara Lynn said...

sweet baby girl...

darcy said...

It's a GIRL!!!

nichole said...

i'm horrible with this stuff, but i'm gonna say girl! :)

and i'm thinking of you & this pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking girl! Colleen

Anonymous said...

I would say girl! Carla Thompson

Anonymous said...

Girl - Definitely! - Carla Thompson

Corrie said...

Well I say BOY. Mostly because everyone else said girl. I should let you know that I have a 100% failure rate at guessing gender, except for the most recent Darin/Jen child.
So maybe a vote from me for boy is actually a vote for girl.