Friday, February 27, 2009

Dissapointment R US

we drove 3 hours yesterday to hear.

"I think I told you this all last May in the hospital. THere is really nothing we can do other than adjust the meds to help with the puking."

gotta say not what I was wanting, but completely what I expected from this doc. He is very arrogant and is refusing to try to look at anything else. I for the first time am considering a second opinion. No one should write off my kid so quickly. :) We did find out that his renal failure is partly to blame, or at least could be for some of the slow motility. that is how fast your food moves through your digestive tract. He has two strikes against him, so there is a chance that after transplant it might increase a little and slow or eliminate the puking.

He was 20 lbs yesterday and still has not grown at all. That is my update. We head back down next tuesday for Urology and then again on Thursday night for Surgery on Friday.

DOn't forget to guess what we are having on an earlier post. We find out on MONDAY!!!

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