Saturday, February 28, 2009

chunky monkey

I didn't really understand how much weight jackson had gained until today. I was looking back at these pictures and found these to compare too. This one was two or three weeks after his hip surgery. So about mid November. Look at that Skinny face.

then we have the following. Chunky monkey pictures. He has gained about 5 lbs by this picture. I can't imagine how heavy he is going to be in that cast this time around. I think he was about 4.5 lbs heavier in the cast last time. So we will see. I will be picking the ultralight cast materials. Good thing it isn't heavy stuff anymore.
isn't it amazing how different he looks just in a few months. Maybe it is a mom thing.
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christy said...

he has definitely filled out in the face ... but that is a good thing! i remember a time when you were praying for him to gain weight.

It's been nice catching up on your blog a bit!

congrats on the baby girl! can't wait for her arrival :) when's the due date?