Thursday, February 12, 2009


jackson is one persistent little guy. So we tried to blockade the tv and the he would be entertained but have to stay away. See how well our plan worked? Guess I have to be more creative.
Our appointment yesterday was very productive with the new developmental pediatrician. It will take a while for answers but at least we are headed in the right direction. She is going to consult with a couple other doctors and for once I left with confidence that these things and more will happen in the future.

We are still puking but we are going back on reflux meds to avoid ruining his esphaugus and she is looking into other possible causes of his puking and solutions...please pray that surgery is not needed. We have been through so many and still have more. To add another one would just be hard to handle.

Thanks for all the prayers.
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Jewel said...

I love how Jackson turns around immediately after he pushes the button & knows that he caused the screen to look different...he looks back like "oops, you didn't see me do that, did you?" :)