Wednesday, April 29, 2009

progressing everyday

Well we are progressing more everyday: crawling and putting his legs closer together more and more. He is even back up to his mischief. TOday he has all the DVD's back out of the cabinet. He likes the shiny dvd's.

WE have had a busy weekend and week. We finished our bathroom, well the stuff we can do. We are still waiting on the cabinet in the closet...but it is fully functional with sinks, shower and toilet. We absolutely love it. I took my first Shower in it today. then went to get out and realized unless I want to give the neighbors a show, We need window treatments. at least till the leaves are on the trees again. probably TMI..sorry. I felt as though I was at a hotel showering...I absolutely love my spa retreat in my own home. WE will happily share with you who did the work, they are absolutely talented folks and all have their own bussinesses. THey do superb jobs. Check out this is made out of concrete...they then color the concrete and they did it to match our tile. it is simply amazing and so much more than we would have done if we did this on our own. We have been blessed by everyone who has contributed to our bathroom. I am so excited to have my children bathing in an area that is mold free. It is probably better that I am showering in a place that is mold free with the baby too. I can't express what it means to us, all that you all have donated and done for us with this project and all the thoughts and prayers and financial support. It has been incredible and amazing.

This all happened just in time too. The downstairs bathroom has tiles falling off the wall because of mold and moisture. God's timing is so good. I think Adrian is excited to start demo on the downstairs one. Once I clean it out. I would say demo will begin. Thanks again to EVERONE!!


Jewel said...

Wow, your bathroom looks amazing!!! Well if my bathroom disfunctions, I know where to go to! :)

jessicamae3 said...

yay!!! so happy to see things progressing...what a trooper and he is so darn adorable!

jessicamae3 said...

YAY! I am so happy to hear of all the goodness going on in your world right now! He is so darn adorable!

jessicamae3 said...

ooops sorry for the extra posts...I didn't realize they were going to moderation!