Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Darcy Holsopple Photography

Our Beautiful Family:

the day was great...after rain for two days...we got lucky and it was like 50's and partly cloudy. We got some really good ones.. Daddy and his sweat kiddos

jackson and his dada

Mama... and her sweet babies.. Jackson has recently started this..grabbing us and laying one on. it is to stinkin' cute...glad we got to capture the moment..and the bestest part is it is with me...he usually does it with Adrian.
our precious baby girl...she wasn't much into smiling but we wasn't screaming...she was a trooper.. and how cute is she in her fur collared sweater... if only it wouldn't have been so cold you could have seen her dress...maybe at Christmas if it still fits...

then the show stealer...
he didn't stop hammin' it up...there are too many cute pics to choose from. Like always and really it wasn't a photoshoot for him. Oh well...we will take the cuteness.

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