Friday, October 09, 2009

I have once again swallowed something I said about parenting before I was a parent and I am sure it is not the last time.

before becoming a parent I really had only had a few criticism of parents. in the top 5 was watching cartoons at a young age. Yeah to say the least I have failed in that category. We have restrictions on how long we do it..but we watch them. Jackson is intrigued with Sid the science kid, Mickey mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny and the imagination movers. I however held strong to one criticism. I never understood who or why anyone in there right mind would introduce Barney into their children's lives. Still don't and I can honestly say it was the therapists fault...but this is what I found the other day when I didn't get to the tv fast enough to change the channel.
yep in that blurry image you aren't seeing things. It is Barney. A purple dinosaur.
And to top it off he was pointing. Saying barney, barney.. As clear as can be. I prefer Elmo (and for those that know me well, even this is hard for me to say) at least he is educational on Sesame Street.


Laura said...

Oh my goodness, I feel your pain! I have a major, major aversion to Barney and managed to avoid him altogether during Maya's toddlerhood...but then something happened with Noah and he became obsessed. He adores Barney. It's so disturbing! Give me Sesame Street any day.

The Schmidts said...

right there with ya nichole! kyra likes a couple shows too- even points the remote at the tv like she knows what to do with it!! yikes! thank goodness for pbs though, it appears to be the only educational tv left!
ps- remember, kyra's more than a year behind your kid, so we're off to a reaaaally good start huh? :)