Wednesday, October 07, 2009

An update from the schrock home....

Happy four month birthday baby girl. She is growing sooooo fast. She is already 24 inches long and 12 lbs 14 ounces.. She has made the big girl more preemie ones, and she is in the 20th percentile. She seems so much bigger to me.

This week Jackson and I headed to indy just the two of us. I left my baby for two days and one night. She was in great hands. thank you Ashley and Gloria for watching her.
Jackson and I got to meet his transplant doc and we have a new perspective as to why we need to wait. The unfortunate part is he needs him to Grow. vertically that is. which we have not ever had success with. He has two strikes against him in this category. One are his lack of functioning kidneys and the second is when your hips aren't in the sockets there is no pressure on the growth plates. So we are starting our growing late in the game when it has already slowed down.

We got to celebrate while we were there. We got to say BYE BYE to this tube...not completely, don't get ahead of the game. But he no longer has the tube hanging off. He had his button placed. Which means that we now attatch the tube when we need to use it and when we don't we take it off. it is so much better. His clothes fit right again, he doesn't get it caught on things or end up crawling on it. It is wonderful....or as wonderful as foreign objects can be in your body.

We are happy to say that Avenlea and daddy survived us being gone with flying colors...our sweet baby girl even started sleeping for 10 hours...two nights in a row. I made a deal with her and I think she will continue this habit and in the meantime try to help her brother catch on too. we will see what happens.

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