Friday, October 16, 2009

A bunch of SICKOS!!!

We are all down and out around here. All of us except Adrian. HE is drink tons of OJ and taking his vitamins to try and stay healthy. But we were up at least four times last night. Oh my. One time All four of us were up and I think all wanted to scream. But one was doing it enough for all of us. We are doing vapor baths twice a day and trying to push fluids into the kiddos. Jackson is throwing up due to snot. It is quite the zoo around here. Avenlea is finally peacefully sleeping out here in her swing while Jack and I cuddle on the couch. I am sure we are quite the site.

Got some cute pictures of the kiddos the other day. First we have avenlea has been a real joy watching her develop her little personality.then we caught her laughing too. to bad i am not qick enough with the video switch over. she has begun cooing alot and even making some noises with her tougue. she is groowing so fast. as you can she she is holding her head up really well too. we got the bumbo out this week. we tried it once, but it was alot of work and her Big bro wasn't very nice. he snatched every toy from her tray before she could play. so far our best Jackson's nap time. Avenlea loves her big brother and is really entertained just watching him play. Jackson and daddy played outside this past weekend. daddy says its a golf club...but mommy says hockey stick. either way he was pretty good....once he stopped swinging it like a baseball bat. to him everything is "bayball".

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Darinifer said...

I love that picture of Avenlea. She has beautiful eyes and such a sweet smile.